20 Social Media Practices to Use in Your Daily Life [Presentation]

06 August 2009 Categories: Internet tools

Two weeks a go I gave a lecture in a social media seminar. Now I’ve translated the presentation I used into English and made it easier to understand without seeing the actual lecture.

The presentation describes 20 social media practices that will help you in your daily life. It includes tools to monitor your web presence, ways to track interesting topics and conversations, methods to find people and to get answers, and more.

It revolves around the following seven categories:

  1. People Database
  2. Keeping in touch and more
  3. Conversation
  4. Search
  5. Collaborating
  6. Monitoring and News
  7. Self monitoring

I’ll be glad to get your feedback and thoughts about it.

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Status Search – Search within Your Friends’ Status Updates

24 July 2009 Categories: information overload


Social networks and social media tools let you find and communicate with people all over the world, even if you’ve never met or known them before. But sometimes, all you really need is the opinion, advice or support of the people closest to us. Status Search answers that need by letting you search your friends’ social status updates.

Recently launched in beta, Status Search is a little private search engine. It connects to your Facebook and Twitter accounts (no need to give away any passwords) and then lets you search the status updates of the people you follow, and also the photos, links and videos of your Facebook friends.

Can’t I just use Google?

If you think about it, many of your quests for information would be better answered, and sometimes can only be answered, by people you know or those who are in your close surroundings. Also, you have much better information about the reliability of these people and it is easier to approach them.

Let’s think of some realistic examples. It’s Saturday morning and you want to go with someone to the sea. Just type in ‘sea’ and you’ll find all the people who’ve written something about it – some are probably about to go there…


Announcing a Seminar – ‘Social Media in Day to Day Life’ [15 July, Israel]

13 July 2009 Categories: Internet tools

The Israeli Internet Association (ISOC-IL) is holding a Seminar entitled: ‘Social Media in Day to Day life‘ (more details in Heberew and translated to English via Google Translate).


The Seminar will take Place on July 15th at Tel-Aviv.

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New Bit.ly Bookmarklet Released

08 May 2009 Categories: Internet tools

Bit.ly, the great URL shortening services, has just released an upgrade to its Bookmarklet.

Features of the new version

  • Tweet without leaving the page – Tweet directly from the bit.ly sidebar without leaving the page you are 
  • Easily share on other platforms – use the direct links to share the page via email, Gmail, or Facebook.
  • Clicks Summary – see a summary of the clicks the page has received (both created by you and the total number of clicks).
  • Real time conversations report – see what people are Tweeting and Friendfeeding (?) about the page (updates in real time).

bitly sidebar



Twitter Presentation – How to Use Twitter to Connect with Audiences

02 May 2009 Categories: Web Presence

Another great find by The Content Economy – “How to use Twitter to Connect with Audiences”. This presentation, by Corinne Weisgerber, discusses Twitter as a tool for Monitoring / broadcasting / responding / building community. It gives examples of crises management and how brands use Twitter. It also explains basic terms such as Retweet and Hashtag.

View more presentations from Corinne .

Add an Alternate Name and IM Nicknames to Facebook to ‎Make Yourself Easier to Find

24 April 2009 Categories: Web Presence

When people are searching for you on Facebook, the first thing they do is run a search on your name. But what if they only know you by your maiden name or your name is just hard to spell? And what about the nickname you use on Skype, Google talk and AIM, Are they associated with your account? Facebook has a solution for these situations. In this post, we'll learn how to add an alternate name and IM screen names to your Facebook account, thus making you easier to find.

Alternate name on Facebook

As Facebook explain, the alternate name in your account "is only used to help people find you in search and will not show up in your profile". Use it "for a former name or a name in another language." Here is how to add an alternate name to your Facebook account:

  1. When logged in, choose "Account Settings" under "Settings" (you'll see it in the top right corner of the screen).
  2. Next to "Name," click "change."
  3. Enter a full name in the "Full Alternate Name" filed, and click the "Change Former Name" button below.