Get a Feed of Awesome, Hand Picked, Technology Podcasts

16 September 2010 Categories: Effectiveness

I'm listens to a huge amount of podcasts and recently I thought it would be a good idea to share them. Since I'm getting them through Google reader, I could generate an RSS feed you can subscribe to.

Subscribe to the feed of the podcasts I listen to: Daily email | RSS | iTunes (lunches iTunes).

Note that I hand pick each episode (according to my preferences, of course). I'm subscribed to lots of podcast channels. Every  time a new episode is published, I read what it is about and decide if I want to download it – and now, share it with you.



Roundup – Gmail, Google Reader, and other Google Tips and Practices

28 November 2009 Categories: Internet tools

Google LogoOver the past year I’ve written several posts about different Google applications. These include Google search, Google Reader, Gmail, Google Maps, and more. In case you’ve missed some, here is your chance to catch up with some great Goolge practices and tips (note that some of them where published on

Google Reader




Google Reader Tips and Practices for Power Users

18 September 2009 Categories: Internet tools

Google Reader logoGoogle reader is probably the best RSS reader available today. Here are some tips and practices for power users (hopefully, you) to help you better manage your RSS reading time and leverage it, tweak Google Reader to use first and second level categorization, and optimize you RSS subscription list.

Use folders to prioritize your reading

At a certain point you've probably realize that it is just not possible to read all of the new items you get. One possible solution is to use folders to categorize your feeds. Once you categorized all your feeds, you can read prioritize your reading by urgency level. For example, I use a folder called 'Immediate' where I put feeds that I want to read the moment they publish something new because it is important for me to know about them as soon as possible. These could be work related or new trends, usually things that if no read within day or two (sometimes less), they became irrelevant. Other folders I use are 'friends', 'Podcasts', 'Premier Blogs', and some more. I also use a 'must read' folder for things that I want to read sometime, but it doesn't really matter when (such as family blogs or new WordPress plugins).

Use folders to prioritize your reading



20 Social Media Practices to Use in Your Daily Life [Presentation]

06 August 2009 Categories: Internet tools

Two weeks a go I gave a lecture in a social media seminar. Now I’ve translated the presentation I used into English and made it easier to understand without seeing the actual lecture.

The presentation describes 20 social media practices that will help you in your daily life. It includes tools to monitor your web presence, ways to track interesting topics and conversations, methods to find people and to get answers, and more.

It revolves around the following seven categories:

  1. People Database
  2. Keeping in touch and more
  3. Conversation
  4. Search
  5. Collaborating
  6. Monitoring and News
  7. Self monitoring

I’ll be glad to get your feedback and thoughts about it.

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6 Ways to Find More Sites worth Subscribing to

12 February 2009 Categories: information overload

Since RSS was introduced, the number of sites people are able to read increased substantially. Try these six methods to find more sites to subscribe to and fill in the reading gap.

1. Stick to good things

Let’s say someone you followed on twitter, or a coworker from work sent a link to a useful article in PDF format. PDF documents on the web are disconnected from the site they are published on. That is, there is no navigation menu to put you in context. When you get this kind of document, remove the end of that document’s URL and visit the site that published it. Usually, you will find more interesting things in there.

For example – I got to a document called “Best Practices for Political Advertising Online” while I was reading a post through my RSS reader. That was its original URL:

I removed all the right part and stayed with , where I found more great publications.

Stick to good things



4 Steps to Optimize Your RSS Subscription List in Google Reader

10 February 2009 Categories: information overload

in this post you will learn how to save time and get the most out of your RSS subscription list in Google reader. the method presented here include 4 steps and is easy to implement right away. it is based on finding the sources that fit you best and unsubscribing to those that do not.  just to get some  perspective, take a look at my Google Reader stats. I stay on top of 1,043 subscriptions using that method.

My google reader stats

My google reader stats

1. Star worth-reading items

the first thing you should do is to star items you like.

Do it whenever you find something that you would define as worth reading; thing you would like to see more of (Star an item by clicking the star next to it in the reading list or by pressing ‘S’ in the keyboard). […]