The web gets smarter with – how will you be affected?

06 June 2011 Categories: future and current trends is a new initiative by the three major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!) to make websites more readable for machines. It was announced a few days ago, accompanied by the website, aimed at web developers.



New in Google Analytics: See Your Stats laid Out on Your Website pages

16 October 2010 Categories: Effectiveness

Google analytics can now display clicking data visually on the pages of your website. This presentation, called 'In-Page Analytics', can help you understand how people use your website – where they click and where not. You can use it to decide whether to move certain components to a more prominent place, remove uninteresting things, redesign or rewrite certain parts, and so on. 

To see your site's 'In-Page Analytics' click this option under the 'Content' section in Google analytics.



Use Incognito Mode to Log in to Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

08 September 2010 Categories: Effectiveness

Recently Google launched a feature that lets you Access two Gmail accounts at once in the same browser. This is nice but I prefer to keep doing it the same way I've done it till now: Opening an Incognito window. […]

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Don’t Use Images in Gmail’s signature!

09 August 2010 Categories: Internet tools

About a month ago Google add a new feature to Gmail – rich signatures. Among other design capabilities, the new feature lets you add images (or icons) to your signature. Now, there is a really big problem with the way images are added to the signature.

Images might change

Instead of just uploading an image and adding it to the email, when you create your rich signature you are asked to give a link to the image (see screenshot below). The link is of a web address, not a location on your computer. When you send an email, the link is a live link.Gmail's dialog box for adding image to the signature. Only Web address filed is available.

This mean that whenever someone opens an email you sent, the image is retrieved from it's original location on the web. If the image changed in the meantime – your recipient will see the changed image, and if it no longer exists – he will see no image at all.



Some Tips About Web Stuff – June 2010

04 June 2010 Categories: Internet tools

Find where  your friends are with Foursquare without a smartphone

Foursquare logodon’t have a smart phone but you want to know where your friends are? No problem. You can sign in to Foursquare from your desktop computer and find your friends. Then, go to foursquare’s mobile website (still from your desktop computer). There, you’ll see all your friends’ check-ins. That’s it. Quite simple, but it requires  breaking a functional fixation that make you think that you can’t consume location data if you can’t provide location data…



The ‘Top-Notch Technology and Media Blogs’ Search Engine

19 January 2010 Categories: information overload

custom_search_logo[1]I often find that Google isn't quite tuned in to my search needs. Although I would rather that it only searched sites I know and trust, I often get results from sites that don't look trustworthy or aren't of high quality.

That is why I've created a custom search engine that only searches the best technology sitesThe 'Top-Notch Technology and Media Blogs' Search Engine.

Try it out