Use Incognito Mode to Log in to Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

08 September 2010 Categories: Effectiveness

Recently Google launched a feature that lets you Access two Gmail accounts at once in the same browser. This is nice but I prefer to keep doing it the same way I've done it till now: Opening an Incognito window. […]

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Don’t Use Images in Gmail’s signature!

09 August 2010 Categories: Internet tools

About a month ago Google add a new feature to Gmail – rich signatures. Among other design capabilities, the new feature lets you add images (or icons) to your signature. Now, there is a really big problem with the way images are added to the signature.

Images might change

Instead of just uploading an image and adding it to the email, when you create your rich signature you are asked to give a link to the image (see screenshot below). The link is of a web address, not a location on your computer. When you send an email, the link is a live link.Gmail's dialog box for adding image to the signature. Only Web address filed is available.

This mean that whenever someone opens an email you sent, the image is retrieved from it's original location on the web. If the image changed in the meantime – your recipient will see the changed image, and if it no longer exists – he will see no image at all.



Guest Post – Get Ready for Shopping Season: Collect Deals in Your Gmail Inbox

20 July 2010 Categories: Effectiveness

When you’re trying to organize a particular area of your life, perhaps shopping, your finances or stock orders, it can be a huge help to have technology on your side. Just recently I’ve been trying out Google’s Gmail filters, and I’ve found that if you use them in a certain way (in conjunction with FireFox and its addon), you can come up with some cool ideas.

One of the most fun ways to use Gmail Filters is to use it for organizing coupon codes and hence creating shopping lists.



How I Use Gmail Multiple-Inboxes Lab Feature to Manage E-mail Overload

25 June 2010 Categories: information overload

Back in February 2009 I wrote a post about a new lab feature that Google added to Gmail – multiple inboxes. After more than a year of using this great feature, I'd like to share how it helps me manage my e-mail (overload).

What is a Gmail multiple inboxes

Gmail multiple inboxes allows you to have more than one ‘inbox’ in your default Gmail view. You can have up to 5 additional panels and set them to display labels, your starred messages, drafts or any search you want next to your inbox. To learn how to set it up read my previous post about it.



Roundup – Gmail, Google Reader, and other Google Tips and Practices

28 November 2009 Categories: Internet tools

Google LogoOver the past year I’ve written several posts about different Google applications. These include Google search, Google Reader, Gmail, Google Maps, and more. In case you’ve missed some, here is your chance to catch up with some great Goolge practices and tips (note that some of them where published on

Google Reader




20 Social Media Practices to Use in Your Daily Life [Presentation]

06 August 2009 Categories: Internet tools

Two weeks a go I gave a lecture in a social media seminar. Now I’ve translated the presentation I used into English and made it easier to understand without seeing the actual lecture.

The presentation describes 20 social media practices that will help you in your daily life. It includes tools to monitor your web presence, ways to track interesting topics and conversations, methods to find people and to get answers, and more.

It revolves around the following seven categories:

  1. People Database
  2. Keeping in touch and more
  3. Conversation
  4. Search
  5. Collaborating
  6. Monitoring and News
  7. Self monitoring

I’ll be glad to get your feedback and thoughts about it.

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