Some Tips About Web Stuff – June 2010

04 June 2010 Categories: Internet tools

Find where  your friends are with Foursquare without a smartphone

Foursquare logodon’t have a smart phone but you want to know where your friends are? No problem. You can sign in to Foursquare from your desktop computer and find your friends. Then, go to foursquare’s mobile website (still from your desktop computer). There, you’ll see all your friends’ check-ins. That’s it. Quite simple, but it requires  breaking a functional fixation that make you think that you can’t consume location data if you can’t provide location data…



New Bookmarklet Released

08 May 2009 Categories: Internet tools, the great URL shortening services, has just released an upgrade to its Bookmarklet.

Features of the new version

  • Tweet without leaving the page – Tweet directly from the sidebar without leaving the page you are 
  • Easily share on other platforms – use the direct links to share the page via email, Gmail, or Facebook.
  • Clicks Summary – see a summary of the clicks the page has received (both created by you and the total number of clicks).
  • Real time conversations report – see what people are Tweeting and Friendfeeding (?) about the page (updates in real time).

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