The ‘Top-Notch Technology and Media Blogs’ Search Engine

19 January 2010 Posted by in category: information overload

custom_search_logo[1]I often find that Google isn't quite tuned in to my search needs. Although I would rather that it only searched sites I know and trust, I often get results from sites that don't look trustworthy or aren't of high quality.

That is why I've created a custom search engine that only searches the best technology sitesThe 'Top-Notch Technology and Media Blogs' Search Engine.

Try it out

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Video – How to Find the Right People For a Job With Linkedin

17 January 2010 Posted by in category: Internet tools

PHPLinkedin can be a great tool to find the right people for a job, a project or for one time help. In fact, it is that good that sometimes you get too many results and can’t see the forest for the trees. In this post I’m going to explain how to use Linkedin’s advanced search features in order to find people for specific tasks.

Let’s assume you’re looking for a PHP developer for your company. Here’s how you can use linked in to find people to hire:

  1. In the search box type in PHP and hit search. The results will display people who mentioned the word PHP in their profile (note that people who are in your network show up first).
  2. Refine the results by selecting or typing-in a location in the Location box on the left. Now, you will only see people from that location.
  3. To further refine the results, in the groups box choose a group such as “Job networking” (of course you will have to be a member of that group in order to see it). That way you will get back people who are searching for a Job.

I made a video that illustrates how to do that, see it below:


Tip For Heavy Chrome Users – Drag a Website’s Address to Save It in Your ‎Bookmarks

09 January 2010 Posted by in category: self efficiency

Heavy Chrome users might find it a bit difficult to manage all their bookmarks, because there is no easy way to place a new sites in a specific folder. Here is a little tip that will help you manage your bookmarks:

You can save a bookmark simply by dragging it to a folder.

I’ve created a 30 seconds video that explains how to do that. check it out below.

(If you got this post through e-mail or RSS and you can see the video, try watching it in the original post.)


How to Send (Almost) Anyone on Linkedin a Message

22 December 2009 Posted by in category: Internet tools

Linkedin logoSometimes, finding the right person on Linkedin is not enough. The reason is that only paying users with premium account can send messages to people outside their network (That is, if you are not already connected to someone, you can’t message him).

Now, if it happens to you often, probably the best solution is to pay to upgrade your account. But if you don’t think it will pay off, here is a little built-in hack that can help you overcome this limitation.

The solution

In short – to send almost anyone on linkedin a message, simply join a group he or she is a member of.


When you join a group on Linkedin, by default the members of the group can send you messages. Although you can turn this option off (see image below) people usually don’t tend to change default settings. Therefore, usually you will be able to send message to all the other members of the group.

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Roundup – Gmail, Google Reader, and other Google Tips and Practices

28 November 2009 Posted by in category: Internet tools

Google LogoOver the past year I’ve written several posts about different Google applications. These include Google search, Google Reader, Gmail, Google Maps, and more. In case you’ve missed some, here is your chance to catch up with some great Goolge practices and tips (note that some of them where published on

Google Reader


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Web Apps & Software for Distributed Teams

17 November 2009 Posted by in category: Internet tools

3845644631_655f36e931[1]I’ve recently explained on how to use Google Maps as a tool for distributed teams. In this post I am going to review other tools that support and improve the work of distributed teams. The tools will help you improve the way you share files, communicate, and work collaboratively with people not near you.

File sharing

One of the basic needs of a distributed team is the ability to share files. For ad-hoc teams, who do not work together on a regular basis, is a great solution. is a private sharing and collaboration web app. It lets you instantly create a mini site, called ‘a drop’, into which you can upload any type of file. You can annotate the file with comments or sections of text and use the chat feature for synchronized work sessions.

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