Web Presence Tip – Use a single Username for All Your Accounts

19 March 2009 Categories: Web Presence

Having the same username across websites, and especially social media websites, has several advantages. People who know you in one place can find you in others, you don’t have to remember different usernames for different websites, and you can easily tell others how to find you (“look me up on Digg, delicious and FriendFeed under eyalsela”).

CheckUserNames is a service that can help you choose this single username. CheckUserNames goes through tens of social media websites to check if the username you chose ia available [Update 4/1/2009: Namechk is a similar service, you can also use it].




Edit MS Word default template to save time and get better branding

25 February 2009 Categories: Web Presence

Every MS word document is based on a certain template. The template determines how headlines look, the size, color, font of text, page layout and margins and so on.

By customizing the default template you can save a whole lot of time spent on formatting and also you can insert your brand characteristics so that they will automatically appear in each document you write. The best thing is that it is really easy to do, so let’s get started.

This is an excerpt of a guest post I wrote. To read the full post visit Edit MS Word default template to save time and get better branding on Online Tech Tips.


LinkedIn Tip – Display the Name and Address of Your Site in Your LinkedIn profile (not just “my website”)

15 December 2008 Categories: Web Presence


To display the name and address of your site or blog in your LinkedIn profile:

  1. go to Edit My Profile and click “edit” next to “websites.”edit-website
  2. Choose “other” in the websites section and write your sites name and address.edit-linkedin-profile