Tips and Examples for using (the new) HTML Signatures in Gmail

09 July 2010 Categories: Web Presence

Update 7 August 2010Don’t Use Images in Gmail’s signature!

Gmail now natively supports rich signatures (with images, font size and colors, links and so on) . Just go to 'Settings' and customize your signature under the 'Signature' section. Here is an image of my new signature:



Use Delicious to Deliver better Content to Your Readers

14 May 2010 Categories: Web Presence

Delicious logoDelicious is a social bookmarking website that lets you save your bookmarks online and share them with others. It can be a great tool to share links on your website as well. If you're in charge of your organization's website, you might want to consider using it to display relevant content.

how it works

To use Delicions you will first need to sign up. Then you can start adding links, along with some meta-data such as tags and notes about these links.


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How to Not Spam Your Facebook Friends Who Don’t Speak Your Native ‎Language

24 February 2010 Categories: Web Presence

People who have friends on Facebook from different countries encounter a problem – in what language should they write their status messages? If they use their native language, their friends from other countries will not understand anything. On the other hand, if they only write in English, for example, then it might be difficult for some of their friends to understand it. Here is the solution for multilingual Facebook friends:

Create a friends list of all the people who doesn't speak your native language, and filter out the message that they can't understand.

Let's see how to do this. [For the sake of this post I will use Hebrew as a native language, and English for friends from other countries].

Create a list of people who doesn't speak your language

To create a list of friends do the followings:
  1. Click 'Friends' on the left sidebar.
  2. Click the 'Create a List' button (it is right on the right hand side of the 'Friends' title at the top of the page – see image below).create a list of friends on Facebook
    Create a list of friends on Facebook
  3. You should now see a pop-up window titled 'Create New List'. Give the list a name (for example: 'doesn't speak Hebrew') and add all of your friends who doesn't speak your native language to that list.
  4. Click 'Create List' once you are finished.
*Note that from now on, whenever you friend someone who doesn't speak your native language you have to add him to the list*

Join ProductiveWise Facebook Fan Page

25 January 2010 Categories: Web Presence

I’v opened a Fan Page for ProductiveWise on Facebook. You’re invited to join it.

ProductiveWise on Facebook
ProductiveWise on Facebook

Twitter Presentation – How to Use Twitter to Connect with Audiences

02 May 2009 Categories: Web Presence

Another great find by The Content Economy – “How to use Twitter to Connect with Audiences”. This presentation, by Corinne Weisgerber, discusses Twitter as a tool for Monitoring / broadcasting / responding / building community. It gives examples of crises management and how brands use Twitter. It also explains basic terms such as Retweet and Hashtag.

View more presentations from Corinne .

Add an Alternate Name and IM Nicknames to Facebook to ‎Make Yourself Easier to Find

24 April 2009 Categories: Web Presence

When people are searching for you on Facebook, the first thing they do is run a search on your name. But what if they only know you by your maiden name or your name is just hard to spell? And what about the nickname you use on Skype, Google talk and AIM, Are they associated with your account? Facebook has a solution for these situations. In this post, we'll learn how to add an alternate name and IM screen names to your Facebook account, thus making you easier to find.

Alternate name on Facebook

As Facebook explain, the alternate name in your account "is only used to help people find you in search and will not show up in your profile". Use it "for a former name or a name in another language." Here is how to add an alternate name to your Facebook account:

  1. When logged in, choose "Account Settings" under "Settings" (you'll see it in the top right corner of the screen).
  2. Next to "Name," click "change."
  3. Enter a full name in the "Full Alternate Name" filed, and click the "Change Former Name" button below.