Discover Google Applications’ Keyboard Shortcuts by Typing Question Mark ‘?’

18 November 2008 Categories: self efficiency

Actually, the headline says it all.

Type question mark (press SHIFT + ?) when using Google applications such as Google Reader or Gmail, and a list of available keyboard shortcuts will appear!

(In Gmail you have to enable shortcuts first. Go to settings > general > Keyboard shortcuts > Keyboard shortcuts on)


The Easiest way to Create a New Email Message Instantly

12 November 2008 Categories: self efficiency

New mail shortcut animation

Save some precious clicks by configuring a shortcut that instantly opens a new email. No need to open the inbox first or minimize other programs – Since the shortcut is “universal”, it can be activated no matter if the browser is open or active.

configure a new-email keyboard shortcut

  1. Log in to your email account and create a new email.
  2. Copy the new email’s URL. […]