Top 5 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

30 January 2009 Categories: self efficiency

Using Gmail keyboard shortcuts makes reading and organizing your emails easier and more efficient. Here are the five Gmail keyboard shortcuts I found the most useful. (to enable shortcuts Go to settings > general > Keyboard shortcuts > enable)

the shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut: [ (left bracket) Action: archive current email and go to the next one Tips: ] does the same but goes back to the previous email.



Tip – Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcut to Find the Next Instance of Text You’ve Already Looked For

16 January 2009 Categories: self efficiency

office word iconWhen you are working on a document and need to find text (a specific word or phrase), pressing CTRL + F pops up the “find” dialog box and lets you search for that text. Now, let’s say you found it and kept working on that document, and now you want to find the same text again. Pressing CTRL + PageDown will instantly take you to the next instance of that text! No need to open the “find” dialog box again (Keep CTRL down and press PageDown to move to the following instances of that text).


Software Recommendation – MySpeed Lets You Control the Speed of Online Videos (YouTube Too)

07 January 2009 Categories: self efficiency

MySpeed screenshot

MySpeed, a tiny free software, allows you to control the speed of online videos. That means that you can watch a YouTube video in twice the default speed, or slow down the video to half of it. The speed-control window automatically appears whenever a video is played, and disappears when the page is closed or the video is paused (see screenshot).

As you may imagine, there are various situations where it is more efficient to speed up a video (or a part of it) or more effective to play it slower . I find it useful, for example, when I watch lectures and want to speed them up, even 10 or 20 percent faster, if the lecturer speaks slow or when I just want to get the hang of it quickly.



Download MySpeed


ClipX – Enhanced Copying Ability to Increase Work Efficiency [Software]

06 December 2008 Categories: self efficiency

ClipX is a tiny software that does one simple thing – remember your 20 last copied items (or more, if you configure it to do so). This is as opposed to the usual situation in which you are limited to using only the last text or image copied. It is useful, for example, when you wish to copy both link address and its name to another document or when you need to copy your username and password to login…

To use it, simply press Winkey + V to pop up a list of the last copied items (see picture) and chose the one you want to paste (Winkey located between the left CTRL and the left ALT in your keyboard. It has a picture or symbol of a flag on it).

Get ClipX here
(if you do not download the latest version – ClipX beta 7 x86 notice, that keyboard shortcut ALT + C pops up the copied items list, and not as mentioned above)


Tip – keyboard Shortcut to Jump Back to the Last Place Edited in a Microsoft Word Document

01 December 2008 Categories: self efficiency

In a Microsoft word document, pressing CTRL+ALT+Z will take you  back to the last place edited. It’s agreat feature if you write in an iterative way (i.e. write different parts of the documents simultaneously). It is also useful when you write or review a document and want to see where you stopped the last time.



Daily Tip – Save Bookmarks Bar Space by Adding Bookmarks as Icons Without Names

30 November 2008 Categories: self efficiency

When adding a new bookmark (favorite) to the bookmarks bar, leave the “name” field empty. That way, the bookmark will be saved only as the favicon (short for favorites icon) of the website, allowing you to save space in the bookmarks bar and make more bookmarks visible.