Watch these lectures to become a more effective negotiator – creating win win situations

16 September 2012 Categories: Life Skills

Key points:

  • Prepare
    • Identify your objectives and goals.
    • Recognize things that are more, and less,  important for you (relatively to how they are for the other side). These are the thing you can trade.
    • Think of second and third alternatives, in case you “don’t get what you want” as first option.
  • Conflict resolution
    • Ask – Why? Many time the direct objectives are revealed (the ‘what’) – but not the reason for them. Knowing the underlying reason enables flexibility.
    • Generally ask questions – Why, What, How, When – same reason as the previous bullet.
  • Objections handling
    • Recognize if the objection is real. For example, ask what would happen if, hypothetically, the presented reason for objection was solved.
    • Remember that things don’t have real value, only perceived one in a specific context. What’s the worth of tap water? And when you’re in the desert?
    • In price negotiation, “the price is too high” objection can be answered with “compared with what?”

How to Negotiate so Everyone Wins, Especially You!

The Art of Negotiation

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