Another Thing You Didn’t Know About Excel: Integrate Online data Into Your Spreadsheets

07 July 2009 Categories: Internet tools

excel2007Microsoft Excel has a really cool feature that allows you to import data directly from a website. That feature is called “web query” and you can use it to integrate live information into your spreadsheets or just look at data and analyze it in a different way than it was originally presented on the website.

In this post we’ll learn how to built an excel query in a couple of clicks. As an example, I’ve created a single spreadsheet with the top 1,000 twitters (based on data from Twitterholic), which you can download.

Create an excel web query

  1. Open a new Excel workbook.
  2. Open a website and Select with your mouse the data to import. Copy it, and paste into the workbook.
  3. At the lower right end of the pasted area you will see the “Paste Options” button, which looks like that . Click it and choose “Create Refreshable Web Query”.
  4. A new window will open, called “New Web Query” (see image below) . Once it is done loading, little yellow boxes with an arrow inside them will show up. Click the arrow next to the data you which to import.
  5. New Web Query window

    New Web Query window



Make Gmail More Secure By Setting It to Use HTTPS Connection

19 June 2009 Categories: Internet tools

A few days ago, 38 information security experts submitted a public letter to Google, asking it to make Gmail more secure. More specifically, they’ve asked Google “[to] protect users’ communications from theft and snooping by enabling industry standard transport encryption technology (HTTPS) for Google Mail, Docs, and Calendar.”

Google responded saying it is “looking into whether it would make sense to turn on HTTPS as the default for all Gmail users”

If you don’t want to wait for Google to take the decision you can change the connection type to the more secure one (HTTPS) by yourself.

Change the connection type to HTTPS

To use always HTTPS connection in Gmail, do as follow:

  1. Click ‘Settings‘ at the top of any Gmail page.
  2. Set ‘Browser Connection‘ to ‘Always use https‘ (see image below)
  3. Click ‘Save Changes.’

A Screenshot of the browser conection settings in Gmail

choose ‘always use https



New Bookmarklet Released

08 May 2009 Categories: Internet tools, the great URL shortening services, has just released an upgrade to its Bookmarklet.

Features of the new version

  • Tweet without leaving the page – Tweet directly from the sidebar without leaving the page you are 
  • Easily share on other platforms – use the direct links to share the page via email, Gmail, or Facebook.
  • Clicks Summary – see a summary of the clicks the page has received (both created by you and the total number of clicks).
  • Real time conversations report – see what people are Tweeting and Friendfeeding (?) about the page (updates in real time).

bitly sidebar



The Online Collaboration Tools Guide

18 April 2009 Categories: Internet tools

Numerous Collaboration tools and online storage applications offer a variety of collaboration abilities. Online collaborated editing, synchronization across computers, multiple file sharing , and on-the-spot windows and document sharing are just some of them. The following review will help you know and choose the right collaboration tools for your needs.

This is an excerpt of a guest post I wrote on ReadWriteWeb (by now it got more the 210 tweets). To read the full post visit the online collaboration tools guide.


Has Twitter Reached its peak? Google Insights Suggests it May Have

15 April 2009 Categories: Internet tools

I’ve just run into a tweet by infusecreative with an interesting Google Insights search. It shows that the number of searches for the term “Twitter” has stopped ascending. Since the beginning of 2009, the search for Twitter has been raising constantly. That was true up until March 22, when it plateaued. Has twitter reached its peak?  

Searches for Twitter  stopped ascending

Google Insights results for “Twitter”

Update 04/20/2009: Twitter only had a peak (click the image above to see the current graph). 


6 Web Apps to Instantly Capture, Share, Display and Meet

14 April 2009 Categories: Internet tools

More and More new web apps enable us to do things that once required installation, registration, expertise and, of course, payments. The following tools will allow you to instantly video capture your screen, Share files, create a chat room, photo album, web meeting environment, or a MindMap – all within a few mouse clicks.

Instant video capture – ScreenCastle

ScreenCastle is a Video screen capture tool that works directly from your browser. To start recording your screen (and microphone) just enter the site, click the start button, choose the region to capture and press “start recording”. Once done, you will be given a link to view the video or a code to embed it into a website.


ScrennCastle – video screen capture