A Great Talk About Network neutrality

11 April 2011 Categories: Innovation

This is a very interesting talk by Barbara van Schewick, about net neutrality. One of the interesting things is her answer in the Q&A part, where she says that Android is a better platform for innovation than iPhone. She tells about app developers who say that they prefer first to develop for Android, which is more open (you don't have to get Google's permission to install an app). Then, if they succeed, they consider also making one for iPhone. I think that's a fascinating observation.

She also talks about several points of view about net neutrality, and the importance of preserving the characteristics of the internet that led to innovation. She emphasize that it doesn't mean preserving the same architecture, but identifying the things that enable anyone to innovate.


Video – Building Innovation Teams – What is Your Learning Type?

04 April 2009 Categories: Innovation

A great video about learning, innovation,  and the combination of the two to create innovation teams. The video, created by Roger H. Shealy, is based on a paper by Sara L. Beckman and Michael Barry. Read the full paper here: PDF iconInnovation as a Learning Process: Embedding Design Thinking

Innovation as a Learning Process from Roger H. Shealy on Vimeo.

Via The Content Economy


Inspiring Video – “Did You Know 2.0”

27 November 2008 Categories: Innovation

I found the following video, which presents some incredible figures about our world today and in the future, to be very inspiring.

It raises the question – what are the skills that are relevant today and in the near future?

I do not think that the traditional way of education could last much longer. Nowadays, ideas can be spread world-wide at the same day that they were thought of using blogs and other internet technologies (compared to textbooks, which take years to be written and published). I also think that two of these skills are information seeking and self-learning. This is since, while the internet does offer tremendous amount of usable information, one has to find and learn it by oneself.