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Report: What is Web 2.0 and how do Professionals Use it?

03 February 2009 Posted by in category: future and current trends with Tags , , , , , , , , ,

web-201If you’re lost into the clutter of web 2.0 buzz words and definitions, CCH’s recently published survey report might come in handy. The objective of the report is “to gauge the effects that Web 2.0 and user-generated content are having on the way professionals access, absorb, and disseminate information”. It offers short and clear definitions for “Web 2.0”, “Blog”, “Wiki”, “RSS”, “Social Bookmarking”, and “Social Network”. What’s more, it presents paragraph-long scenarios for using each of them in professional settings (starting page 9), which can be useful if you’re looking to make a case for these kind of tools in your organization.

They conclude that:

“While results show there is some reluctance for many organisations to adopt
Web 2.0 before value can be established, a high percentage of ad-hoc use (at least 25.8%) is occurring due to the accessibility and functionality of the tools. This suggests Web 2.0 applications have gained a signifi cant share of time spent online. We are increasingly using these tools to search, communicate and contribute to the web in both a personal and professional context (…)”

“the research has indicated that whilst Web 2.0 may be revolutionizing the web with user-based content, professionals are careful in their use of these types of tools for professional research.”

Read the full report – Professionals and Web 2.0 [Via KM Space]