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How to Send an Email to Someone Whose Mailbox Is Full (Outlook Only)

18 January 2009 Posted by in category: Effectiveness with Tags

When you send an email, the recipient must have enough free space to get it. If he doesn't (i.e. his mailbox is full), your email will not be delivered to him. When that happens, you should Send it again, but use outlook's ability to schedule the actual delivery time. That means that you'll get this monkey off your back by sending the mail right now, but it will actually be sent in a later time. How does that solve the problem you ask? well, It is likely to assume that your recipient will have cleared his mailbox by the midst of that following day (since it is full and he will not be able to send and receive emails). Thus, he will get your email. If he didn't clear it by that time, you will get back an announcement that your email could not be delivered.

Scheduling an email delivery

Take these two steps to schedule an email delivery:

  1. Click the "options" button: write your email as you would normally do. When it is ready to be sent, click "options". new mail 
  2. Set the delivery time: choose the time and date when you assume your recipient will have cleared his mailbox. masseage options

That's it. Now send the email. It'll move to the outgoing emails folder and will be sent automatically when the due time arrives.

3 Responses to “How to Send an Email to Someone Whose Mailbox Is Full (Outlook Only)”

  1. Slavi 21 January 2009 at 1:21 am (PERMALINK)

    That’s an interesting approach but a phone call would be better

  2. eyal sela 21 January 2009 at 1:23 am (PERMALINK)

    That depends on the content of the email and the hour of the day :)