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Use of the Internet in Crisis Situations – Video Lecture, Tools and Resources

01 October 2011 Posted by in category: Internet tools with Tags , , , , ,

In this one hour talk, two Google employees tell about Internet tools developed at Google and by other organizations to help manage crisis situations. When earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other disasters occur, tools like People Finder and Ushahidi are deployed. These tools are used for data collection and retrieval about missing persons, visualization of places in which help and rescue is needed, better communication, and and so on.

Other tools and resources for crowdsourcing of emergency and disaster relief:

  • CrisisCommons and CrisisCommons Wiki – "CrisisCommons seeks to advance and support the use of open data and volunteer technology communities to catalyze innovation in crisis management and global development."
  • InSTEDD – "InSTEDD has a unique niche — we design and use open source technology tools to help partners enhance collaboration and improve information flow and knowledge sharing to better deliver critical services to vulnerable populations."
  • Ushahidi – "We built the Ushahidi platform as a tool to easily crowdsource information using multiple channels, including SMS, email, Twitter and the web."

Video – Google I/O 2011: Crisis Response 2.0 – Empowering Developers in Times of Crisis