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Find Full length Video Lectures on Any topic

01 January 2011 Posted by in category: Internet tools with Tags , , ,

Recorded lectures are one of the most valuable learning tools available online. The web is full of them – starting from universities that publish full courses (see YouTube – Education – YouTube EDU), through recorded conferences (see for example Semantic Universe on Vimeo), to privately made tutorials. Here is a way to easily find lots of full length videos on any topic that interest you. [Update 1/14/2010] There's a bookmarklet for that.

Short answer

Save the link below to your bookmarks. When you think of an interesting topic, just write it in the search box and click search. You will get back  videos from across the Web (not only YouTube), published since 2007, and longer than 20 minutes.

Find full length videos

Answer explained

The link above takes you to an advanced search on Google. The results match your search query and the following criteria:

  1. Find videos,
  2. published since 2007 (this is an arbitrary time frame, you can change it), and that are
  3. longer than 20 minutes.

Note that you can search for topics, people, or any other thing that you find interesting.

Some search terms to get you started

Here are some topics I got interesting results for: 

image courtesy of Arto Teräs (licensed CC-by-SA)