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New in Google Analytics: See Your Stats laid Out on Your Website pages

16 October 2010 Posted by in category: Effectiveness with Tags , , , ,

Google analytics can now display clicking data visually on the pages of your website. This presentation, called 'In-Page Analytics', can help you understand how people use your website – where they click and where not. You can use it to decide whether to move certain components to a more prominent place, remove uninteresting things, redesign or rewrite certain parts, and so on. 

To see your site's 'In-Page Analytics' click this option under the 'Content' section in Google analytics.

See Google's review of the new feature in the video below (5:20 minutes).

2 Responses to “New in Google Analytics: See Your Stats laid Out on Your Website pages”

  1. Ofri Raviv 16 October 2010 at 12:58 pm (PERMALINK)

    AHHH! google has hijacked my site! After using this feature once, I can no longer visit my own site without seeing this annoying information.
    When I visit the site (not google analytics) I see the analytics layed out on it. If I click the X that looks like it should remove this info, I get redirected to google analytics.

    How do I disable this shit?

    I can’t believe this feature is what’s going to get me to switch from GA to some other analytics tool…

    • Eyal Sela 16 October 2010 at 11:35 pm (PERMALINK)

      Maybe try to clean your cookies?
      Log out of Google analytics?