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Use Visual Cues to Identify Non-Interesting Content in Your RSS Stream

29 August 2010 Posted by in category: information overload with Tags

One of the advantages of RSS is that it lets you skim through big amounts of content. To make it even easier, you can insert visual cues to the names of content sources. That way, your eye will identify the source of the headline even before you start reading it.


I'm subscribed to some big websites that publish several posts a day. The thing with big websites is that they tend to publish things like "time wasters" or popular topics, and not just high quality content (in my opinion, of course). To identify them faster, I add a series of hyphens before and after their name, like this:

 —————————– site's name ——————————–

You can do the same with very important websites (but remember to use a different visual cue, like the plus sign  '+' or the ampersand sign  '&' ).

I've explained the idea behind changing the name of RSS feeds, and how to do it, in the section 'Prefix feeds for Second level categorization' in Google Reader Tips and Practices for Power Users.

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