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Guest Post – Get Ready for Shopping Season: Collect Deals in Your Gmail Inbox

20 July 2010 Posted by in category: Effectiveness with Tags , , ,

When you’re trying to organize a particular area of your life, perhaps shopping, your finances or stock orders, it can be a huge help to have technology on your side. Just recently I’ve been trying out Google’s Gmail filters, and I’ve found that if you use them in a certain way (in conjunction with FireFox and its addon), you can come up with some cool ideas.

One of the most fun ways to use Gmail Filters is to use it for organizing coupon codes and hence creating shopping lists.

Set-up Gmail Filters to Email Yourself and Filter Deals and Coupons

Gmail filters are designed to organize your inbox, so that different types of email get sent to different folders. You might have come across this type of thing when you’re teaching your email client to recognize what’s junk mail and what’s not. Filters mean messages don’t go into your inbox and clutter it up, and help you to carry out the right task, when you need to do it. Implement these two steps and you’ll never miss a trick…

It’s quite simple to set up a Gmail filter. Just open up Gmail within your browser, choose settings > filters > ‘create new filter’. From there you can choose to make your very own ‘DEALS’ list (or something like that), which essentially involves you emailing deals you plan to use to yourself. This way, you could even email deals to yourself from your cell phone, and it will go into your filtered mailbox ready to be reviewed later on.

First let's create a filter:

  • From: your email address
  • To: your email address
  • Subject: DEALS (or whichever label you wish to give it)

After the first step, you can then use the various settings for different options. For instance, you can choose these emails to bypass the inbox completely (not checking this option will mean the message appears twice; once in your inbox and once in the filtered box too), and automatically star each email (to then unstar it once the deal is reviewed / used):

Gmail for coupon clipping

Use "Email Yourself" FireFox Addon to Collect Deals in Your Inbox

If you’re not already using the Mozilla FireFox browser, I highly recommend you install it and transfer your bookmarks over. It is incredibly useful for the simple reason that you can install plenty of cool add-ons. In this case, the Email Yourself! addon provides users with the ability to:

  1. Select a part of the web page they’re browsing,
  2. Send the summary of the page in an email (with the link and page title) to yourself.

Now, edit the add-on settings (navigate tools > add-ons) so that the add-on uses your own Gmail address, and the subject title to match what your filter recognizes. The default for Email Yourself! is ‘Sent via Email Yourself!’ so you could keep it as that, but it could be anything, for example ‘DEALS’ (in this specific case).

Basically, you are sending an email to yourself via the add-on, so you want your Gmail filter to recognize the specified name. From then on, you’re free to test out the add-on tool.

For example, using my favorite coupon collection from PromoCodes or CouponSherpa, easily select the deal details (like coupon code and the amount) you want and email the deal yourself using the tool:

Sending an email to myself with a coupon

Now, whenever you need any deal, just enter the "DEALS" folder within your Gmail and find the collection of your selected deals. Go shopping and save now!

Gmail deals

coupon image by striatic