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Use Delicious to Deliver better Content to Your Readers

14 May 2010 Posted by in category: Web Presence with Tags

Delicious logoDelicious is a social bookmarking website that lets you save your bookmarks online and share them with others. It can be a great tool to share links on your website as well. If you're in charge of your organization's website, you might want to consider using it to display relevant content.

how it works

To use Delicions you will first need to sign up. Then you can start adding links, along with some meta-data such as tags and notes about these links.

Part of your organization's web presence

Using Delicious as a link aggregator has some prominent advantages. You can add links no matter where you are (even if you're not at work, for example). It is  really easy to share these links because they are not bound to your bookmarks bar. Tagging the links makes them  easier to find and categorize. Finely, you can embed them in your website using  two lines of JavaScript code.

Share links on your website

To share your links with your readers, you can display a snippet of your latest links on deciduous using a Linkroll. Go to Linkrolls to get a script you can easily embed in your website. You might want to customize how it looks like first (see example in the image below).

the delicious Linkroll Display options. Including Title, Tags, Icon, Quantity, Bullets, Sort and show tags, notes, username, and 'add to network'.

display options for the delicious embed script

If you are already using an RSS aggregator to display content in your website, you can add your delicious RSS feed to that aggregator. Find your RSS feed at the bottom of the "bookmarks" page when you are logged in to delicious.

Save links to delicious with a browser extension

Delicious extensions let you save new links with a few clicks. To get an extension for your browser, go to Browser buttons for saving bookmarks in delicious.

When you find a website you like, clicks the 'Save as bookmarks to delicious' button. It will take you straight to the submitting form and we'll extract as much information about it as possible. All you have to do is add notes and tags (if you wish to) and click save.

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  1. Ilan 17 May 2010 at 1:18 am (PERMALINK)

    “first need to *sing* up” — ;o)
    I like!

    Two other typos. (Well, I'll see you tomorrow, so…)

    And thanks for the encouragement, been thinking about using Delicious for our project (and others). Your history links in the Google Docs thing are *so* unusable.