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The ‘Top-Notch Technology and Media Blogs’ Search Engine

19 January 2010 Posted by in category: information overload with Tags , , ,

custom_search_logo[1]I often find that Google isn't quite tuned in to my search needs. Although I would rather that it only searched sites I know and trust, I often get results from sites that don't look trustworthy or aren't of high quality.

That is why I've created a custom search engine that only searches the best technology sitesThe 'Top-Notch Technology and Media Blogs' Search Engine.

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What's in a custom search engine?

A Custom Search Engine (CSE) is a Google service that lets you create a search engine that only return results from sites you've predefined (create your custom search engine here). In the 'Top-Notch Technology and Media Blogs' Search Engine I've added the following sites: Gigaom; Lifehacker; Readwriteweb; Mashable;; Makeuseof; Downloadsquad; and some other sites.

How to use it

You can use the custom search engine in one of the following ways: – You can drag the Top-Notch Search Engine into your Favorites and use it whenever you need it. – Or Add it as a gadget to your iGoogle. – Or embed it in your website using the following code: If you think I should add other websites to the search engine, please write them down in the comments below.