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Search Twitter with Google – It’s Great!‎

26 October 2009 Posted by in category: Internet tools with Tags , ,

 If you've ever tried Twitter's search, you've probably found that it's not very good. Indeed, Other Twitter search alternatives exist, such as Trendistic, Tweefind, Tweetzi, and Twazzup. But wouldn't you rather just use Google for the task? To search Twitter with Google, all you need to do is add to the search query a limitation that tells it to search only within Twitter (and not the whole web). To do that, simply add the following string to the query:


So, for example, to find mentions of this blog, we'll add the word 'productivewise' to the query, as shown below (notice that there is a space between the search term, productivewise, and the sit URL) :

site: productivewise

The results are displayed in the image below.

Search results from google when this query is used: site: productivewise

Click this link to search Google with the above query (opens in a new window).

Search within a specific twitter user tweets

You can also search only within certain user's tweets by using the link to that user's profile (and not to Twitter as a whole). So, to search within my profile, you would use this query:


Click this link to search Google with the above query (opens in a new window).

3 Responses to “Search Twitter with Google – It’s Great!‎”

  1. Tomer Cohen 30 October 2009 at 6:24 pm (PERMALINK)

    I'd still prefer Twitter search, as it has RSS feed while Google doesn't (for regular searches), and Twitter is more in real time than Google is.

  2. eyalsela 30 October 2009 at 8:29 pm (PERMALINK)

    Tomer – I agree, Twitter's search indeed has these two advantages over Google. It is better to use Google for longer time ranges and things that didn't happend recently.

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