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Aardvark – Get High Quality Answers in Real Time from Real People

10 September 2009 Posted by in category: Internet tools with Tags , ,

Aardvark LogoI’ve recently added a new tool to my information searching arsenal – Aardvark. I use Google, Google Reader, Twitter, my chat friends and other tools to find information. But Aardvark fills a gap these tools leave open.

Aard what?

At the end point (your side, as a user) all that Aardvark does is take a question you submit, find someone who can answer it and send you back the answer. It does that by searching for a user that is online and has knowledge in the field of the question you asked (and preferably, is from your network on Aardvark). Than it sends him or her question. The answer is sent right back to you, usually within few minuets. Often, you get more then one answers from several different people.

If you are not satisfied with the answer you got, you can easily resubmit it for other people to answer it or asked the ones that already did to elaborate.

Aardvark has two main advantages. The first is that it is easy to submit questions. You can submit question through the actual site and Twitter but the best thing is that you can submit questions straight from Gmail Chat, AIM, Messenger, and Windows Live. This integration into the daily workflow is very comfortable.

The second advantage is that you get a fast, personally tailored answer from another person (rather then one That has been written for someone else and you found it, for example).

What should I use Aardvark for?

Aardvark’s FAQ page suggest using it for the following kinds of questions:

  • Recommendations
  • Research help
  • Advice and second opinions
  • Tips and discoveries

Get started

After you sign up, add Aardvark to your Instant messaging program. To add it to Google Chat, Search for Aardvark and add it as a chat friend (see image below).

Show Aardvark in your chat list

To make sure it works, type ‘Help‘. From now on, all that you have to do is write Aardvark any question in plain English, like you would to a friend. Aardvark will find an answer within a few minutes.

Real examples

As default, the questions you ask and answers you get back are visible only to you (and the few people who are asked to answer them). But if you want, you can make them public.

Here is an example of question I’ve asked and the answers I got back:

Aardvark in action - screen display problem

And here are some more examples:

Thanks to Omer Perchik for suggesting Aardvark.

3 Responses to “Aardvark – Get High Quality Answers in Real Time from Real People”

  1. Alison 11 September 2009 at 1:04 am (PERMALINK)

    Eyal, thanks for the great description of Aardvark! I really enjoyed checking out the example conversations that you posted. I'd love to hear any other feedback that you or your readers have.

    – Alison @ Aardvark