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Effective Presentations using Power Point – A Quick and Useful Guide

21 November 2008 Posted by in category: Effectiveness with Tags ,

I strongly recommend watching the following presentation at least two times. The first is now, so that you know it exists. The second is when you'll actually need it - before building an important presentation.

Why? Because it easily explains and illustrates how (and why) should good presentations be built. 

Good PowerPoint Design – for business presenters

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1 Response to “Effective Presentations using Power Point – A Quick and Useful Guide”

  1. Great sequence. I love the mouse-trap point about not looking at things from the right perspective: on our training course we recite a mantra about this… “presentations aren’t about telling people what you know, they’re about telling the audience what the audience needs to know, in the way they need to know it” which our take on the same issue.

    Cheers… Simon