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How to Convert MS Word to HTML

24 March 2009 Posted by in category: Internet tools with Tags , , ,

Having needed to clean a Word file from tag extensions in order to submit a guest post, I found the following solution.

Word to HTML

  1. (Optionally) remove pictures from the document.
  2. Send the document as an attachment to yourself via Gmail.
  3. Open the email and click “View as HTML“.
    (Notice: use Firefox for the next step)
  4. Right click inside the new page and choose “save page as“. In the dialog, Change “save as type” to “html only“, and save the file on your desktop.
  5. Upload the saved file to Textism, which converts Word files to HTML for free (providing they’re under 20KB).

Update 14 August 2009: You may also want to try using Doc To HTML Converter (Via AddictiveTips)